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Michael Nankin

Sherman Hu is a consummate professional…a joy to work with…a terrific partner in the process. He works quickly and is there to serve. I can’t say enough good things about him.

Michael NankinAward-Winning Director/Writer/Executive Producer (Los Angeles)
Lennie Appelquist

Sherman provides great service and information. When it comes to cutting edge techniques and technology, Sherman is your best resource bar none!

Lennie Appelquist1st AD, FreeMarket Media Group (Los Angeles)
Sarah Asaftei

Sherman is an insightful entrepreneur with a gift for discerning people’s needs and meeting them. He is a delight to work with, quick with ideas and solutions, and widely experienced in his field. Sherman is not only excellent at what he does but also enjoyable to be around and collaborate with.

Sarah AsafteiProducer & Director (Tampa, FL)
Gavin Ingham

Sherman is personable, easy to talk to and business savvy as well. Unlike some IT experts that I have worked with, Sherman understands how what he does integrates with your business and can add real value fast. Sherman asks insightful business (as well as technical) questions and makes powerful suggestions.

I would highly recommend Sherman as a business partner and as someone with integrity, expertise and personality.

Gavin InghamSales Motivational Speaker (UK)
Andrew R Edwards

Sherman is an exceptionally helpful and intelligent businessman. Sherman is very passionate about using New Media to interact with your audience and is at the ‘cutting edge’ of the ever changing market place.

I would not hesitate to suggest Sherman as anything else but an incredible resource of knowledge, not to mention being one of the nicest guys you will meet.

Andrew R EdwardsDigital Marketing Senior Strategist & Speaker (Brisbane, Australia)
Larry Emsweller

Branding. Online Branding. That is what Sherman will do for you.

He is an expert at Blogging, doing podcasts, and is a great producer. I have worked with Sherman and he knows what he is doing.

Good branding has to be done online as well as offline, and Sherman can take you there.

As far as his producing skills, I know a little about that. I am a 4 time Emmy Award winning producer and writer, and Sherman will do for you online, what I spent years doing offline for networks, syndication and cable.

Larry EmswellerMedia Executive in Broadcasting, Publishing & New Media (Nashville)
Trilby Jeeves

I found Sherman to display great professionalism with many useful resources up his sleeve. He is easy to work with, accommodating, gently assertive (when you need it) and has valuable initiative. Sherman also finds the fun, and passion in the work, which becomes infectious! Sherman goes beyond the call of duty because he cares.

Trilby JeevesActing Coach (Vancouver)
Whitney Grace

He is enthusiastic about his profession and it shows in the quality of his work. Sherman is what I would use for an example of a professional. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about having a web presence online.

Whitney GraceProducer, Slate Productions; Actor (Vancouver)
Annemarie O’Bea

I love working with Sherman! What I liked most is the time Sherman takes in learning about you and your business.

Sherman is quick thinking, extremely knowledgeable and quite frank. He has no problem telling you like it is. My best advice is for you to LISTEN!

Just talking with Sherman and hearing his point of view on different aspects of my business was invaluable. In some cases it gave me a fresh perspective, and I saw things through new eyes. There’s no doubt that this man keeps his finger on the pulse of new media, social and video marketing. You can learn more in a 30 minute conversation than some folks can teach you in six months. I would absolutely recommend Sherman, and I have! I encourage anyone ready to take that next step in their business to work with Sherman.

Annemarie O’BeaSocial Media, Copywriting & Branding Consultant (Atlanta)
Jeb Beach

I didn’t know how to start and was feeling overwhelmed by the largess of managing my internet presence. As a result of working with Sherman, it all makes sense now and the results are attainable. Specifically, I appreciate Sherman’s absolute commitment to positivity and finding the ‘how to do it’ every time. Plus, he made the ideas I had in my head practical and possible, and upped my exposure to new clients. I would absolutely recommend Sherman because he knows how to get things done. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend you talk to Sherman. He is one of the most positive, competent, “willing to find a way” kind of people I’ve ever met. Things seem possible (because they are) when he is helping!

Jeb BeachActor Teacher (Vancouver)
Jessica Rose

Sherman is incredibly helpful, enthusiastic, friendly, smart, and efficient — as well as extremely skilled and talented. The thing that stood out was Sherman’s kindness & passion for people… he clearly loves what he does, and it makes him a joy to work with. Sherman is friendly, fast, and generous with his knowledge and time. I feel this will truly help me take my business to the next level. You were a pleasure to work with, and will absolutely recommend you to everyone I know.

Jessica RoseActor (Toronto)
Michelle Harrison

I would definitely recommend Sherman, he’s the best! Working with Sherman was so wonderful. His easy going nature and fun personality makes it so easy. He has a speciality for marketing the person in their site. Its as if he has known you for years. He finds out about you, in a short period of time, and creates something special. I would recommend Sherman to anyone looking to market themselves. Plus, he’s just a fantastic guy.

Michelle HarrisonActor & Musician (Vancouver)
Mathew Freeman

A great friend of mine referred me to Sherman and shared with me that he’s the real deal. But all my worries were instantly crushed by working with Sherman. Sherman exceeded my expectations and never did I feel as though I overpaid. Well worth every penny.

Mathew FreemanFitness Trainer
Tatiana Turner

A very collaborative experience with an outcome I am more than pleased with. He’s truly a pleasure to work with!

Tatiana TurnerActor (Vancouver, Toronto & LA)
Chris Gerela & Yianni Sahamis

We know how to run successful family restaurants, and wanted to work with an expert who can help us show up on page 1 of Google so we could grow our business. We’re now on page 1 of Google for our important keywords – we couldn’t be happier! If you want an expert to work with, we highly recommend Sherman. He’s a super-friendly guy, and he’ll blow you away with his expertise in helping you grow your business!

Chris Gerela & Yianni SahamisOwners of Award-Winning Greek Restaurants
Darrin Mish

Sherman is hands down THE expert in my book. His ability to think creatively is truly astounding. His techniques get me conversions from my website visitors and that’s what we’re all after. I enthusiastically recommend Sherman to anyone who wants to create loyalty in the marketplace.

Darrin MishPresident, Law Offices of Darrin T. Mish, P.A. Nationally Recognized Tax Attorney (Tampa, FL)